Movement Based Therapy Schuykill County, PA

Movement-Based Therapy

Have you recently sustained an injury, undergone a surgery, or been diagnosed with an illness that’s causing you pain? If so, it is likely that you would benefit from movement-based therapy. Some people are apprehensive about physical therapy treatments, but there is no reason to be!

We receive many first-time physical therapy patients who come in thinking their treatments will be uncomfortable, painful, or even agonizing, due to the condition they are in. However, that is not the case at all! Our Schuylkill County, PA physical therapists have several tools in their arsenal that are meant to relieve your pain, while simultaneously improving your body’s function. If you are seeking relief and recovery, contact Achieva Rehabilitation today to set up an evaluation!

Is movement-based therapy safe?

We’d first like to ease your mind by saying YES – movement based therapy is extremely safe! Just a couple of the greatest aspects of movement based therapy is that it is non-invasive and it doesn’t require any harmful medications. Instead, our licensed physical therapists use a variety of techniques that help move your tendons, ligaments, and joints in ways that focus on pain relief and healing. They also help in minimizing swelling and reducing scar tissue.

Our Schuylkill County, PA physical therapists are highly-trained medical professionals who understand both the capabilities and limitations of your body. In fact, you may notice relief and/or improvement after just one session of movement based therapy!

Is movement-based therapy right for me?

Our physical therapists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating movement disorders. Many of these disorders can occur following surgery, especially if you have undergone a total joint replacement. However, many physicians will also prescribe physical therapy treatments for injuries, accidents, or illnesses – essentially, anything that makes you feel weak and unable to function at your optimum physical level.

Your treatment plan will likely include several different therapies, all aimed at helping a specific function of your body. Some exercises may focus on increasing your range of motion, while others may focus on improving your balance and strength. Movement based therapy is a crucial part of a recovery plan, as it helps to minimize inflammation, reduce pain and swelling, and increase your range of motion. If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits of movement based therapy, Contact Us Today at Schuykill County, PA Center! Our dedicated physical therapists will be happy to meet with you to get you moving once again.