Welcome to Achieva Rehabilitation

Redefining Rehab with One-on-One Therapy From the
Comfort of the Patient’s Home


With Achieva Rehab, patients are able to perform therapy in a stress-free environment with one-on-one attention, making sessions more focused and intensive. You simply don’t get that in a therapy clinic. In addition, our therapists don’t need to worry about juggling multiple cases at one time – our main focus is you and helping you reach your personal goals. 

One patient, One Therapist, One Focus.

But… what about the equipment? Most patients requiring PT have never touched a piece of gym equipment in their lives, and yet we’ve been trained to believe that these machines are essential to recovery. Our clients fulfill their potential by using whatever we can carry into their home, based on our creativity and their compliance. Those things are essential, and we promise you, nothing more is necessary.​ These methods have helped hundreds of our patients reach their goals.

The Trend in health care is moving away from institutions to care in the patient environment.  As a result,  Achieva Rehab is well positioned to help clients immediately as we take advantage of research that shows and recommends that therapy early on in the continuum of care maximizes outcomes. By coming to a patient’s house ASAP, we are able to optimize their recovery so they can move around comfortably once again – thus allowing you to keep up with those grandkids!

Achieva Rehab focuses on treating the following conditions:

One Patient, One Therapist, One Focus.  That’s a better way.